Action Launcher v45 adds support for Android 10’s gestures, more

One of the big gripes about Android 10 for many longtime Android users has been that gestures don’t work with third-party launchers. Now, one of the popular launchers, Action Launcher, is getting full support for Android 10’s gesture navigation among a bunch of other new features.

Detailed in a blog post by Chris Lacy, the developer behind Action Launcher, version 45 of the app brings along with it a handful of major improvements. First and foremost on that list is full support for Android 10’s new gesture navigation in Action Launcher. This is still reliant on your device getting December’s security patch which enabled the functionality, but once you have that, the launcher will work without a hitch.

Another big point of this update is deeper digital wellbeing integration with Lacy’s ActionDash app. This includes a new widget that shows which apps you’re using and for how long. Further, each app can be quickly paused using an app shortcut on the homescreen, just like Google’s official wellbeing app does.

Beyond that, Lacy also added support for live wallpapers with Action Launcher’s handy Quicktheme feature, something that’s been long-awaited. Dual apps also get better support as the app also adds support for using the privacy-conscience search engine Startpage as a Google alternative.

Action Launcher v45 is now rolling out on Google Play.