Cyber Monday 2019: The Best Computer Sales So Far

There is no better time of the year to be scavenging for all the greatest offers on computers, Macbooks or tablets. We’ve gathered our favourite offers for this Cyber Week and arranged them into a list. Some of the stores we’ve included are Microsoft, DELL, Kogan and many more.

From someone who needs a desktop computer in their home office, a laptop to use at work and on their commute, or a complete gaming machine, this list includes a wide range of computers that will suit everyone.

(Note: Offers are subject to change and may be amended regularly.)

Microsoft are offering hundreds of dollars off some of their most loved laptops, including the XPS 13”, favoured by almost every programmer or computer enthusiast. Perhaps you’re more of a gamer and want a high processor and hard drive, don’t you worry, Microsoft have covered that trail as well. From the latest Razer Blade 15” to the more affordable and practical for beginners ASUS TUF. Find all the deals from Microsoft in the link below.


The all-in-one HP 400 ProOne G4 Core i5 is everything you need id in a reliable computer. 8GB Ram and 23inch display make this the perfect all-rounder. Coming with the Windows 10 Professional operating system, this machine will do pretty much everything and it will do it well.

Save $200 on the Dell Inspiron 3470 Desktop. More affordable in price but with high storage and a good processor, this computer is best suited as a home office computer or for everyday use.

Save $250 on the Dell Inspiron Desktop 3570. The slightly adapted and improved Dell Inspiron as opposed to the one previously mentioned has stepped forward with a slightly more powerful processor, for those who want to push their computers to the limits to see how many programmes it can handle. More ideal to those who are working on projects frequently. An improved graphics card also means the quality of the output in the display will be of greater quality.

Any gamer is fully aware of Alienware. Dell has created one of the most powerful machines accessible to mankind. An i9 processor paired with 16GB RAM, it’s safe to say you won’t need to worry about your computer not handling anything and everything that is thrown at it. The power behind this machine alone could probably fly a UFO, which is where they must get the inspiration from the design of the case.


If you’re a designer or architect, there is just no better tool for your work than a Mac, with their wide monitors and highest quality retina display. Occasionally it’s time for an upgrade, but if you’re going to upgrade you may as well shop around for a good deal. Here is where the work is done for you; exclusive with BingLee, when purchasing a Mac from either link below you will receive one year of Apply TV+.


Microsoft Surface is being described as an “overachiever” and a “hybrid PC dream made real” by critics. Their smallest and lightest surface yet weighing just 500 grams, the Surface is more practical than ever before.

Catch has no doubt done the greatest grafting of making deals tempting this Cyber Week. In search of the most used tablet in the world? No worries Catch are already one step ahead. You can save $451 on the 10.5” Apple IPad.

Apple Macbooks

Apple Macbooks are next to impossible to find at a discounted rate. Fortunately, Kogan is taking the hit for us and offering hundreds of dollars off their Apple Macbooks. From the newer Apple 13” Pro with Touch Bar to the slightly older but more common Apple Macbook 12”.


Affordable, reliable, what else do you need?

The Dell Inspiron is a throwback to basics, a simplistic design and above-average specs means this computer is the perfect companion as an everyday computer, from watching films on the 15.6” touch screen Full HD Display to writing your blog posts on the weekend.

Powered for business, the 15.6” HP 250 with i3 Core processor and 500GB is a steam machine. Everything you need to keep the ball rolling. From meeting using the HP HD Webcam with Wide Dynamic Range, to the anti-glare screen for when you have to use the computer on the go.

Lenovo’s most sought after IdeaPad has some of the most impressive specs for its price range. Whether you’re scrolling through social media, shopping online or working on your latest projects, the processor will easily handle all your demands.

Gaming laptops

Gaming on PC’s used to be unheard of, only being a viable option to those who had space for a desktop in their room. Things have since changed for the better, with some of the most intense and creative engineering, the power built behind some of these notebooks and laptops is simply unheard of. You can now take a machine so powerful that it was once only available in a desktop computer. Now, mobility is no issue, have a work trip in another country or city? Just fold your laptop and fit it in your bag so you have full access to the high spec machine to power those games you play in your downtime.

The recent design of MSI gaming notebooks has improved to be even sleeker and cleanly finished than ever before, remaining is the classic red line, representing the gaming performance held within. Depending on how much you game, and what intensity of power those games you play require, there will completely vary what gaming notebook suits you. Listed below are some of the latest and finest gaming notebooks on offer this Cyber Week.

The Razer Blade Stealth is the first-ever gaming ultrabook, meaning you can play some of the most intense and high spec demanding games on a computer that is thin and sleek in design as opposed to a brick. The battery life of an Ultrabook laptop steer at the top of the leaderboard lasting all day.


Simple, speedy and silent. Perhaps the most minimal you can get without impacting the specs. An easy set up right out of the box will give you instant access to your favourite websites and apps. Not to mention the Chromebox automatically keeps itself up to date, keeping you protected with the latest technology of anti-virus protection.