Google launches a security patch for Android in April

Google launches a security patch for Android in April

Google has begun to implement the latest security update to select Android smartphones with a lot of highly anticipated solutions for phones. The April security patch is being extended to Pixel smartphones. It has been added that there are 11 problems solved in the patch dated 2019-04-01 and 78 for 2019-04-05. The level of vulnerability of these problems varies from high to critical level.

According to the security bulletin, in addition to solving the above problem, Pixel phones and tablets get some improvements and important corrections.

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users get better voice to unlock the performance of the Google Assistant, as well as the ability to adjust Wi-Fi connectivity during eSIM activation in selected providers. One of the most watched problems of the observation screen flashes has also been solved when the sounds of the environmental screen are aroused. The first generation of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones also get better Bluetooth connectivity.

In the security patch last month, Google solved 27 problems in total and the dedicated newsletter showed several improvements for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices. The March security patch improved the initiation and responsiveness of the camera application, recovery in case of OTA update failure, storage performance, Bluetooth reliability and playback of encrypted media in some video applications.

Speaking of Android, Google a couple of weeks ago introduced Android Q, its next big version of OS that will hit smartphones later this year. Some of the key features of the new version of the operating system include the Dark Mode in the whole system, more control over the access of the application to its location, option to share files quickly, new battery indicator, new color themes, easy connection to Wi-Fi networks, better performance of the camera by third-party applications, support for new audio and video formats, new options for application alerts and, of course, support for folding screens.

Google will give more details about Android Q in its Google IO 2019 conference, which will take place in the same place where it was held last time: the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, USA. Beginning May 7th and ending May 9th.