Google Play Store down for some Android users: Details here

Google Play Store down for some Android users

If you are unable to access the Google Play Store, you are probably not alone.

According to several user reports, the official Android app store and services portal is down for many users.

Reportedly, the outage has impacted several users across different regions including India and the US.

Here’s all about it.


The issue is seemingly affecting users across different regions

The issue is seemingly affecting users across different regions

The outage appears to be affecting a large number of Android users across the globe.

Apart from the US, several users have reported the outage of Google Play Store in India as well as in European markets.

Meanwhile, the issue primarily concerns mobile users as the Web version of the Android app store seems to be working fine.


There seems to be a server side issue

As per reports, the issue seems to be associated with Google Play Store servers.

Upon opening the Play Store app, affected users see a “server error” notification with a “retry” option as the outage continues to prevent users from downloading or updating an existing app.

Troubleshooting options like clearing cache or stored data on the Play Store app didn’t resolve the issue either.

One of the many affected users tweeted the issue

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5:22 PM – Jun 1, 2019
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Google Play is having connectivity issues since 4:59pm IST

According to the online outage monitoring website DownDetector, Google Play Store is facing connectivity issues since 7:29 am EDT (4:59 pm IST). The website has received around 1,500 reports of the service failure. Notably, Google hasn’t confirmed about the outage yet.


Meanwhile, it ran well for us

Meanwhile, it ran well for us

However, in our tests, we did not face this server error. We tried accessing Google Play Store on Pixel 2, OnePlus 6T, and OnePlus 5T and for the three devices, we were able to download new apps and update existing ones.

Hence, the problem has not affected all Android users.