Heat Setting A Shirt

Custom printed shirts can add a creative look to your next event and give your guests a souvenir to take home to remember the day. While screen printing can be expensive, you can heat press an image on a shirt quickly and it costs less to produce. Here are the steps to make your new apparel.

Get Your Supplies Ready

Before you can press a shirt, you need to gather the items that you will need to do so. Purchase the shirts you want to add an image to. If you are printing your own transfers, you will need a quality printer, transfer paper, and printing blades to cut away any excess from the image. If you want to make the process easier, you can order preprinted images to add to your apparel.

Heating Things Up

Once you have your supplies, you will want to get the press ready. Lift the lid and plug it in so it start to warm up. You will want to get the temperature to 350 to 375 degrees before you can start. You also need to adjust the pressure of the machine for the project you are working on.

Press the Shirt

Lay the shirt with the side you want the image on facing up then lay the transfer on top where you want it to be. Be sure to have the paper side up on the transfer or the image will stick to the press instead of the cloth. You can also lay a towel over it for added protection. Close the press and lock it for the amount of time recommended on the transfer. If the machine comes with a timer, you can set it to calculate the time. When it is ready, lift the lid and slowly pull the paper away to ensure the image has set.