National Security Summit Live: Congress, BJP debate if bravery of Forces is being politicised

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13:51 PM IST
Posted by Sonal Gera

“We can credit 1971 war victory to the late Indira Gandhi, but we never politicised it,” Manish Tewari says.

13:42 PM IST
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Rafale: 36 or 126?

Javadekar asks Tewari: Aapse kisne kaha 36 Rafale jets lengey?

Tewari replies: Aap hi ki sarkaar ne kaha. 2016 ki deal ke hisaab se 36 par Modiji ne sign kiya hai. Abb aap humse poochh rahe hain?

Javadekar says: The Supreme Court and the CAG report said there was no issue in the deal. 36 aircraft aa rahe hain. Par humaari koshish hai ki sena ki har zaroorat poori ho.

Tewari says: Kaaryawaahi jaari hai Supreme Court mein. Par yeh bhi toh dekhiye ki aapne deal HAL se khosli aur ‘eik poonjipati’ ko de di jisey jet banaane ka koi anubhav nahin hai.

Javadekar: Jhooth ko chillaakar baatane se woh sach nahin ho jaayega.

13:37 PM IST
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“Modi meant Congress delayed the acquisition of Rafale jets when he said the combat would have been easier had Rafale been there,” Javadekar clarifies.

13:34 PM IST
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Masood Azhar ji? Silsilewaar slip of tongue?

“You are focussing on the wrong thing. By doing it, you are diluting a sensitive topic,” Manish Tewari says.

13:31 PM IST
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300 ya 400?

“Na aap [Anjana Om Kashyap] wahaan thhi, na Manish ji wahaan thhay, na main. Par iss tarah ki baatein karengey toh desh ki suraksha ke saath khel karengey,” Javadekar says.

13:29 PM IST
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‘Respond karna uchit hai, karna bhi chahiye’

“Respond karna uchit hai, karna bhi chahiye. Par aise aatankwaad samaapt nahin ho sakta. You have to dismantle the terror infrastructure in your western neighbour [Pakistan],” Manish Tewari says.

He adds, “26/11 ke baad bhi har prakaar ki kaaryawaahi ki gayi thhi.”

13:25 PM IST
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BJP’s turn!

“Vajpayee invincible lagtey thhay, par Shri Manmohan Singh pradhaan mantri ban gaye. Issililye toh unhein accidental prime minister kahtey hain,” Javadekar says.

13:23 PM IST
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“Navjot Singh Sidhu’s point of view is not Congress’s opinion. Sidhu questioned the Centre and the Forces, not Congress,” Tewari says.

13:20 PM IST
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Congress’s rebuttal!

“Sena ki shaurya ka rajneetikaran nahin hona chahiye. Modi addressed an election rally the same day as Balakot strike. And the pictures of the 40 CRPF men who died in Pulwama attack were hanged on the wall behind him. He said the result would have been way different had the Rafale aircraft been employed. Is this not politicisation?” Congress leader Manish Tewari says.

13:15 PM IST
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‘This is not politics’

“We have to understand this is not politics. We just want to protect our nation. That’s it. This is a matter of good governance,” HRD minister Prakash Javadekar says.

12:58 PM IST
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‘Humaara mulk hi eik milaawat hai’

On the question of Modi’s moniker ‘mahamilaawat’, Yechury says, “Humaara desh hi eik milaawat hai. Bengal se lekar Kerala tak. Iss milaawat ko khatm karna chahti hai sarkaar. Yeh galat hai. Milaawat nahin.”

12:56 PM IST
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‘Separatists ko logon se separate karo’

“I don’t understand why elections are not being held in Jammu and Kashmir — when there is already Lok Sabha election happening,” Yechury says, adding, “I think separatists should be separated from people.”

12:40 PM IST
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‘Who politicised Pulwama attack? BJP’

“The Centre said ‘Pakistan ko jawaab milega kyunki yeh Congress ki sarkaar nahin hai’. Why are you policising this?” Yechury says.

12:37 PM IST
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‘Are farmers safe?’

“Farmers are committing suicide every single day. Even they are not safe,” Yechury says.

12:32 PM IST
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CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury on stage now
12:31 PM IST
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‘Ignorant, ill-informed people should be banished from public life’

Union finance minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday said people who do not know the basic security doctrine of the nation should be banished from public life, referring to Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who has time and again asked the Centre to divulge information regarding the Pulwama terror attack and Balakot airstrike.

The former defence minister further said people who do not have any specific knowledge about the security doctrine of a nation should not be invited to debates on national television — in order to spare the nation a few ‘misguided discussions’.