Please Meet ‘Untitled Goose Game’, A Game Where You Play The World’s Most Irritating Goose

Untitled Goose Game is coming for Nintendo Switch

Listen: games are better now than they have ever been before.

We’re living in a golden era, where studios are dropping triple-A titles with more heart and soul that might have ever previously been imaginable, and indie developers are pioneering new ways to play and to think.

Also, there’s an upcoming game where you play an angry goose.

Yep, if ever you wanted proof that gamers these days are spoiled with extraordinary choice, let it be Untitled Goose Game, a forthcoming project from Melbourne-based videogame company House House.

The plot of Untitled Goose Game is simple: you play an extremely shitty unnamed goose, and must spend your days irritating the villagers of a small town. As the game progresses, that irritation gets increasingly complex. You start out honking at people and chasing them around their strawberry patch, and you end up devising intricate plans that involve stolen bars of soap, muddy ponds, and piles of only just dried laundry.

But even as your goosey, malevolent plans get increasingly multi-layered, the game itself never loses sight of its own simple magic. This is a story that tells itself without words, and purely with gameplay; an unadulterated shot of pure video game magic.

Also, need I repeat myself: it stars an irritable goose.

When the trailer for the game first dropped, it understandably caused a considerable stir. That was way back in 2017 — it wasn’t clear how long we’d have to wait to have the goosey thing in our hot little hands.

Well, the day has finally come: Untitled Goose Game will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac on September 20.

If all this hasn’t got you pumped yet, then feast your eyes on the trailer that first caused that big ‘ole stir: