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As stock Android spreads, is it time for Android manufacturer skins to die?

Everyone loves vanilla ice cream. Do we really need chocolate or

Former Facebook security chief says it’s time for Mark Zuckerberg to step down as CEO

Facebook is facing criticism from yet another one of its former

France Pushes For India, Others As Permanent UN Security Council Members

France envoy to the UN said India rightly deserves a place

Kentucky Derby Betting Results Favor House As Disqualification Eliminates Favorite Maximum Security

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – MAY 04: Fans react to a race prior

Asus just patched the ShadowHammer malware that was masquerading as a security update

That “critical” software update for your Asus computer may have actually

National security takes over jobs as key concern, PM Modi’s popularity on the rise after Pulwama: Survey

National security has taken over issues such as unemployment as one

For Amazon, It’s Business as Usual Despite CEO Drama

First it was a heart-wrenching tweet that he and his wife

Microsoft is considering the Snapdragon 1000 for future AR and VR devices, as well as desktop PCs

Qualcomm has already made its intentions to creep into the x86

Goldman Sachs plans to cut bonuses as 1MDB scandal deepens

 Lloyd Blankfein’s bonus started at $7m and doubled but he could